Maharaja Express
(Schedule 2017-18 & 2018-19)

The journeys of Maharajas Express either begins in Delhi or Mumbai. Each journey includes a tour to Agra for Taj Mahal sightseeing. The fixed departure dates of Maharajas Express journeys are mentioned below for season 2017-18 & 2018-19.

Treasures of India
Month Date
November,2017 Sun, 12th
December,2017 Sun, 10th
January,2018 Sun, 7th
February,2018 Sun, 4th
March,2018 Sun, 4th
April,2018 Sun, 1st
October, 2018 Sun, 28th
November, 2018 Sun, 25th
December, 2018 Sun, 23rd
January, 2019 Sun, 20th
February, 2019 Sun, 17th
March, 2019 Sun, 17th
April, 2019 Sun, 14th

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Gems of India
Month Date
November,2017 Wed, 15th
December,2017 Wed, 13th
January,2018 Wed, 10th
February,2018 Wed, 7th
March,2018 Wed, 7th
April,2018 Wed, 4th
October, 2018 Wed, 3rd
October, 2018 Wed, 31st
November, 2018 Wed, 28th
December, 2018 Wed, 26th
January, 2019 Wed, 23rd
February, 2019 Wed, 20th
March, 2019 Wed, 20th

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The Indian Panorama
Month Date
November,2017 Sat, 18th
December,2017 Sat, 16th
January,2018 Sat, 13th
February,2018 Sat, 10th
March,2018 Sat, 10th
April,2018 Sat, 7th
October, 2018 Sat, 6th
October, 2018 Sat, 3rd
November, 2018 Sat, 1st
December, 2018 Sat, 29th
January, 2019 Sat, 26th
February, 2019 Sat, 23rd
March, 2019 Sat, 23rd

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The Indian Splendour
Month Date
November,2017 Sat, 25th
December,2017 Sat, 23rd
January,2018 Sat, 20th
February,2018 Sat, 17th
March,2018 Sat, 17th
October, 2018 Sat, 13th
November, 2018 Sat, 10th
December, 2018 Sat, 8th
January, 2019 Sat, 5th
February, 2019 Sat, 2nd
March, 2019 Sat, 23rd
March, 2019 Sat, 30th

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The Heritage of India
Month Date
November,2017 Sat, 4th
December,2017 Sat, 2nd
December,2017 Sat, 30th
January,2018 Sat, 27th
February,2018 Sat, 24th
March,2018 Sat, 24th
October, 2018 Sat, 20th
November, 2018 Sat, 17th
December, 2018 Sat, 15th
January, 2019 Sat, 12th
February, 2019 Sat, 9th
March, 2019 Sat, 9th
April, 2019 Sat, 6th

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